A tactical card game where players attempt to gain the most Power. By playing Influence cards – symbolizing military, political, and economic influence – players conquer Castles and gain a base of Power. Maintaining control of these Castles grants additional Power, as well as influence over neighboring Castles!

Each player has an identical set of Faction cards. With these, players will leverage Influence over Castles, alter the game board, and sabotage opponents’ strongholds. At the end of six Rounds, whoever has the most Power wins!

2-6 Players (best with 5 or 6)
20-60 minutes (approximately 10 minutes per player)
Ages 10+

BoardGameGeek entry

Influence is now listed on BoardGameGeek! Check it out here !

Print-and-Play version available!

Rules – A6 sized pages. Print in “Booklet” format.
– Print on both sides, flip on long side.

Kickstarter launch coming soon!

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