Print-and-Play Available!

In between the back-and-forth with the printer about details regarding the game art and the box insert, we can finally announce something that I think you’d actually want to hear about: the Ultimate Print-and-Play is now publicly available at GameSalute (for a mere $5!):

This includes all of the cards from the game (which will begin it’s printing run in the next few weeks), as well as all of the cards from the Kickstarter Add-on and a bunch of bonus Castles that are designed to make the game far more dynamic, and far more complicated. The bonus cards and Castles are entirely optional, of course, and we highly recommend agreeing upon which cards you’ll be using before the game begins — including going so far as to choose which Castles are going to be shuffled and dealt to set up the game!

More updates will be coming as soon as we’ve officially placed the order for the game, and the end-of-Kickstarter survey will be sent out in the next week or two, so be on the lookout for it!


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