Influence Final 18 Hours

Three major, major things:

Six New Backer Levels [Limit 1 each!]

There will be a set of six new backer levels, LIMIT 1, that allow you to name a Faction. This backer level will be $200, will include two copies of the game, with free shipping world-wide.  The name will appear on ALL of the Faction’s cards, in all copies of the game! (Caveat: The name must have designer approval — basically, nothing offensive)

One Add-on to Rule them All

I realize we will not hit our stretch goals. I wish we would. The tiles would have been awesome, and the event cards would be great. Event cards are drawn at the end of each Round, and apply to the entire next Round.

We’ve found a good alternative to the stretch goal for the Event cards. We’re sourcing them elsewhere, in fairly low quantity, so unfortunately they cannot be included free.

ALL of the remaining stretch goal cards are going to be an add-on for $10, with no additional cost for shipping. Note that backers ordering multiple copies of the game would need to order multiple copies of the add-on if they want each game to include the add-on.

Keeping in mind that you will only see 5 per game (and should agree on a set of 7 to 10 before beginning the game)…. Here’s the full list of expansion cards, and the excitement, tension, chaos, and complete insanity that they bring:

“Winds of Change”

1. Manifest Destiny – Conquering a new castle this turn gives 3 Power (instead of 1)

2. Financial Aid – Castle cards worth 1 Power are worth 3 this turn only.

3. Disruptive Neighbors - Castle Influence circles are all worth exactly 1 this turn

4. Stasis - No delay cards may be played this turn

5. Frozen – No swap cards may be played this turn

6. Reinforced Walls – No saboteur cards may be played this turn

7. Whirlwind – Each player can rotate a castle that they control, for free, as though they played a Swap card on it. This  is done immediately after this card is drawn, before Influence cards are placed.

8. Orderly Conduct - Do not shuffle the Turn Order deck. Deal from the top — Yes, the cards are currently Face Up. The order of play from the last round is reversed this round (if you went last, you go first, etc.)

9. Market Crash – Players only receive half of the Power that they gain this turn (rounded down)

“Something Wicked”

1. One Giant Leap – Players can play an Influence card one additional Castle away from their normal reach.

2. Roll Them Bones – Roll a 6 sided die: 1 = Nothing happens, 2 = Castles conquered are worth 2 Power this turn, 3 = 0 point influence spots are now worth 2 (this turn only), 4 = Each player can play a Saboteur card for free this turn, 5 = Castles worth 1 Power are worth 2 Power (this turn only), 6 = Every castle turns 90 degrees Clockwise

3. A Second Chance – Players play one attack phase, then, all players, in the same order, remove any one of their previously played Influence cards and play it during a second Attack Phase.  The proceed to the Swap and Conquer phase.

4. Portal Auction – Auction off the right to play anywhere. (Auction: At the beginning of this turn, each player chooses a bid number and secretly writes this number down on a piece of paper (the number can be zero). Everyone reveals their bid and if there is a winner (not a tie), then that player loses Power equal to the amount bid, and wins the auction. The player’s Power can go negative.)

5. Marching Orders – This turn, players are not allowed to play new Influence cards or Special cards. During the Attack Phase, each player swaps two of their Influence cards already on the board. After this, the Conquer Phase begins as normal. Note: This will extend the game by one round. If this event is drawn at the end of the first Round, draw a different event card and use this event at the end of the second Round.

6. The Sixes Have It – This round, no matter what influence card you actually play, it is treated as a 6. When calculating the amount of influence on a castle, the influence cards played this round are worth 6. After this round, the cards played will revert back to whatever value is printed on the card.

7. Hands of Fate – Players may opt not to play an Influence card on a castle this turn and may, instead, throw an Influence card into the discard pile. Any player choosing to do this may then roll a die and obtain this amount of Power (Roll 1-3: Gain 4 Power, Roll a 4 or 5: Get 8 Power, Roll a 6 and get the largest amount of Power anyone scores this Round).

8. Sharing is Caring – After the Conquer Phase of this Round, if two or more players tie for having the most Influence points on a Castle, they share ownership of the Castle for this turn only. (Each player gets the full Power points for the Castle, and each player gets the full effect from the Castle’s Influence circles.) This effect only lasts for this round.



1. Chaos Shell: Blue – This event causes the Faction which is in last to gain Power equal to the current Round number (2 Power during the 2nd Round, etc), and the leading Faction loses that amount

2. Chaos Shell: Red – This event causes the Faction which gained the fewest Power this Round to re-gain the use of any one of their previously used special cards.

3. Delusions – This Event forces all players to hand ALL of their Faction cards to the player to their left. This is your new faction! Good Luck!!

And a bonus Special card (similar to Swap, Delay, etc)

Raze - DESTROY ANY CASTLE. Remove any one Castle from play. If it was face-down, that Castle is replaced with a randomly selected Castle, face-down. If it was face up, the controlling Faction randomly draws three Castles and chooses one to play in its place. This Castle enters play under that Faction’s control and aligned with the banner facing North as though it were just flipped.

The Third Thing

Last but not least, thank you for your on-going support. Any effort to continue to spread the word will be extremely appreciated! Post on Facebook and Twitter, share on Reddit, Thumb some pictures on BoardGameGeek! Every little bit helps!

Here’s the short link:

Without all of you, none of this would be possible!

–matt cocuzzi

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